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An FAQ list to help you understand how it works.

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1. What is "LaiLah"

Lailah is an established driver services company that provides, among many things, personal drivers, food delivery riders, and mobile valet!

2. What does “Your Vehicle Our Driver” mean?

It means we send our drivers to YOUR car and our driver will get you anywhere you need to go!

3. Aside from the app, is there another way to book a ride?

Yes, you may contact our hotline at 0196942929 to book rides or for any enquiries!

4. Why book a ride with us?

Lailah is your one-stop solution for all your on-demand personal driver needs. Had too much to drink and can’t drive your car back home from the bar? No problem, let our premium drivers drive you and your car safely back home!

5. Are our drivers trustworthy?

Yes, all our drivers, in addition to being required to be very experienced drivers, are also meticulously background-checked for past criminal and drug offenses! Moreover, all drivers will be professionally-trained to follow detailed SOPs for client’s benefit.

6. Will our drivers be equipped with uniforms?

Yes, all Lailah drivers will be fully equipped with Lailah uniform and Lailah ID tag for professionalism and easy identification!

7. How will Lailah drivers find their way to the pickup and drop-off point to drive the customer’s car?

Our drivers will find their own way to and fro, no need to worry at all about it!

8. What does the name “Lailah” mean?

Our brand name; Lailah, is a combination word made-up of the words LAI-which in Hokkien means “come”, and LAH-which is a slang word we Malaysians just love to use-lah!