Terms of Service – My Driver Sdn Bhd


1. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to “MY DRIVER SDN BHD” Ambank account 8881-0050-74705
2. Upon confirmation of your booking, we require 24 hours prior notice for cancellation of service.
3. Should your cancellation notice be less than 24 hours, a penalty of 6 hours of booking will be improsed.
4. All rates quoted above are subject to revision at the absolute discretion of the management of MY DRIVER SDN BHD.
5. Upon acceptance by the Client of this Driver Service the Client hereby authorized the Driver to drive the Client’s Vehicle to the destination designated by the client.
6. The Client shall ensure that his/her Vehicle is in good, safe condition and the Client has no knowledge of any condition to the contrary. The Company or the Driver are not responsible or any damage of the Vehicle in the event if the Vehicle broke down during the Service period.
7. The Client shall assist the Driver the Client’s Vehicle operation procedure in the event if the Client’s Vehicle is different from any other standard Vehicle.
8. The Client hereby certifies that it’s Vehicle has been properly insured with the valid and minimum third party insurance against the property damage, collision and comprehensive coverage, that there are no Driver restrictions, and that such policies are in full force and effect.
9. The Client hereby certifies that it’s Vehicle has the valid Road Tax from the Malaysia Ministry of Transport ;
10. The Client hereby certifies that the Client is the legal owner of the Vehicle or the Client is the authorised person to use the Vehicle.
11. The Client acknowledges that it is only receiving referral Services from the Company, and that each Driver to whom you are referred is an independent contractor and is not an employee of the Company.
12. During the Driver providing the Service the Client shall not interfere the Driver driving skill NOR asking the Driver to commit any traffic offences. The Driver has the rights to refuse any illegal request from the Client and the Driver shall drive the Vehicle according to the laws, rules and regulation set by the authority.
13. The Client shall not use any vigorous words against the Driver or scolding the Driver in whatsoever circumstances.
14. In the event if the Client is intoxicated with alcohol and does not able to provide the proper address to the Driver then the Driver has the rights to drive the Client to the destination as pre informed by the Client during the reservation. Or the Client shall authorise his/her friend to provide the proper destination address to avoid the mistake of destination address.
15. It is the Client’s duty to keep all his/her or all the passenger belonging in proper place to avoid any misunderstand or accusation of missing goods. The Company and the Driver shall not in whatsoever manner responsible for any loss or damage of goods and personal belonging either in the Vehicle or in the Client’s personal clothing.
16. All the Driver dispatched by the Company is not allowed to be replaced unless instructed by the Company to do so.
17. In the event if the Driver committed any traffic offences during the Service then the Company will responsible to pay any fine or compound imposed by the authority except any offences which involves personal injuries or death to the third party or the Client in such case the Driver shall fully responsible of this crime or as will be investigated by the authority.
18. The Client hereby acknowledges that any Driver referred by the Company is not authorized to enter into or commit the Company to any agreement beyond what is authorized by this agreement. Furthermore, the Driver is contractually bound not to represent himself/herself as the agent or legal representative of the Company, and shall not be construed as ever doing so.
19. In the event during the Driver Service, the Client’s Vehicle is being stolen or hijacked then the Client shall report the matter to the Police or the authority and the Company shall not responsible of any loss of the Vehicle or the Client belonging due to the event occur is out of the Company control.
20. The Client hereby declares that the Client’s vehicle and the Client’s himself do not possesses any illegal materials or any illegal drugs. And the Driver has the rights to refuse the Client’s service pre or during the Service in the event if the Driver discovered that the Client has possessed any of the illegal materials or any illegal drugs.
21. If any action or proceeding is brought by either party against the other pertaining to or arising out of this contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover all costs and expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred on account of such action or proceeding.
22. The Client shall bear all the toll fees, parking fee, petrol, diesel or gas and any other expenses if the during the Service it requires the said payment to be paid.
23. The Company and the Driver are not responsible of any economy loss to the Client in the event if the journey driven by the Driver was taken longer than the Client’s expectation and the Driver has the rights to drive the Vehicle with the legal limit speed and with the most safe condition as possible.
24. The Company hereby declare that the Vehicle, all the belonging in the Vehicle and the Client’s personal belonging shall solely belong to the Client. The Company and the Driver are hereby disclaiming all the responsible of any illegal belonging of the Client or the Client’s Vehicle been found to be stolen vehicle.
25. Client HEREBY RELEASES, AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS the Company and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and independent contractors from any and all claims, demands, suits, liabilities, expenses, costs, judgments, injuries (including death) or other losses or damages which arise from or relate to the Company and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and independent contractors providing Services to the Client.
26. The Client has carefully read the terms of this agreement including its Release of Claims and Hold Harmless provisions. Client certifies the representations made by it are true. The Client also certifies that the Client understands the agreement and has no questions about the meaning of the agreement or any of its provision
27. The customer is allowed to terminated their contract at any time by informing our company via email, whatsapp us through our apps. The customer is aware that the bonus credits will be forfeited should the contract be terminated. My Driver will only refund if any, the balance credit of the unused amount minus the bonus credits within a stipulated time.
28. In this terms and condition the following terms shall have the following meanings :-

“the Company” shall mean MY DRIVER SDN BHD

“the Client” shall mean the person / the corporation who request the Driver Service from the Company

“the Vehicle” shall mean the Vehicle or the motor Vehicle which owned by the Client or duly authorised by the owner for the Client use.

“the Service” shall mean the driving Services provided by the Company through the contracted driver for the Client from a designated destination to another destination